Thank you for stopping by........I'm Mikala Wilson, owner of Mikala Photography! I live in Waverly and operate my studio out of my home. I am a Wife, Mommy to 2, friend to many and you should know that I LOVE what I do....... Photography is something that allows me to express my creativity and to present my clients with pictures that will someday just be a memory, but a memory that was captured in the essence of the moment and now you can share those pictures with those closest to you and look back in 5,10,20, even 50 years and be thankful that you captured those little moments.

"We can't stop time, but we can capture a memory that will last a lifetime"

I strive to make each of my sessions a little different from the last and to always learn more not only about Photography but each and every one of my clients, because to me all of my clients have become my friends. Currently I dabble in all areas of Photography as my venture has just begun, after a solid year of continually asking and praying for my eyes to be opened on what I was supposed to do with my life, a love that I've had for a long time was revealed....Photography! & here I am today.

Thank you for your support! All New Clients get a FREE 8x10 with a booked session!

For all of my current clients, I will be doing a Referral Program + for every new customer I get per your referral - you get an 8x10 of any pose (No Limit).

Thank you for visiting my website, feel free to comment on the pictures & follow my blog!!!